Watson Architect


Design services for New, Additions, and Remodels

The Process

It is a PROCESS with each Client to learn the needs, desires, generate a Design, and bring the project to fruition. Guidance is provided thru the various phases of the Process that include Discovery, Design, Construction Documents, Municipal Application, and Construction Administration.


Because every project is unique, it requires Discovery of the Client's needs and desires. A thorough study is made in the selection of a building site or of the existing conditions for the new design. This involves many elements, some of which include space planning for use and flow, discussing materials, and building systems. 


Design is where the principles of Organic Architecture are used to solve the issues. Each part of the Design is integral to the whole Design while providing a sense of place to it's surroundings. To convey the Design, we may present hand sketches, computer graphics including 3D renderings, and scale models. All of this is done without any preconceived ideas. 

Construction Documents

The technical drawings and other documents are generated as instruments of the Service to apply for Municipal permits, bidding and Construction. Other Services include 3D renderings and models to help aid in the approval process.

Municipal Approval

The approval process includes City, Zoning, and HOA requirements as needed. Services provided include documenting and participation in the necessary presentations required to move the project forward.

Construction Administration

Prior to Construction, we can assist you in the selection of a Contractor and review of Construction Costs to insure accuracy and completeness. Review of the construction progress is vital to ensure that the design intent and high, quality standard is maintained. Services provided during construction can include Project Management of the sub-contractors or the review of the General Contractor's work during the different phases.