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Unique Design for each Client

New Residence - Bodega Bay, CA

This 1,800 square foot, two bedroom, two bath, home has panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean that is only a few blocks from the beach.  The interior is open and spacious with a sloping ceiling rising up to clerestory windows the full length of the home. High glass on the separation wall between Living / Dining Room and Master Bedroom connects the spaces making them feel larger and more open. A central fireplace mass is a main focus which includes the Kitchen cook-top around the corner and the home heating system. This home meets or exceeds the strict California energy codes. The home is available for rent throughout the year.  Please click on the link here to learn more about the home which has been named, "Coastal Retreat". 

Sketchup Floor Plan.jpg

Floor Plan

New Residence - Ketchikan, Alaska 

This home is currently under construction.  It is 2,400 square feet featuring 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and large open plan for Living, Dining and Kitchen.  Roofing will be standing seam metal with wood siding.  All of the Bedrooms and Living Room spaces look out into a 180 degree view of the Ocean. 

Adams Plan2.jpg

Floor Plan                

Colorized-Final Design-Rev2.jpg

Ocean Side

Master Bedroom and Bath on end of Bedroom Wing with Dining and Living Room beyond.  View looking Northwest (south side of home)

Colorized-Final Design-Rev2-2.jpg

View from Street

Looking South (north side of home)


Residential Remodel - Scottsdale, Arizona

Work included remodel of three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  Owner had requested a "Beach House" feeling with colored concrete floor and wood paneling. 


New Garden Fence with Stainless Steel Gate - Phoenix, Arizona


Steel slats, naturally rusted, with concrete block wall and a Stainless Steel Gate accenting an existing architectural design on the house.  The new outdoor space creates a private garden for guests to experience as they approach the front door to the main house. 


Gift Shop, Japanese Friendship Garden, Phoenix, AZ

This was a project in which the City of Phoenix built a small building on the grounds of the Japanese Friendship Garden. The first two photos show the completed work that was within their budget constraints. I was commissioned by the Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix which is a non-profit group that works with the City to maintain, curate, provide education and cultural events in the Garden. My duty was to beautify the project to make it more in keeping with the rest of the buildings in the Garden.  I designed and installed the new cedar trim (replacing the pine trim), cedar window coverings, ac screen, and the light fixture by the door. To learn more about the Japanese Friendship Garden and the cultural events, please click on the link here


Remodel Scottsdale, Arizona

Extensive remodel of 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath home.  Relocated Kitchen and opened space.  Total remodel of Master and Guest Bathroom with custom, maple cabinetry and quartz counter tops.  Remodeled Fireplace to be more dramatic to the space.  Final details throughout the home to make all the spaces tie together.